It’s Good To Know Motorcycle Accident Laws Even If You Drive A Car

Motorcycle AccidentsIt’s good to know motorcycle accident laws even if you drive a car. While you probably go years on end without incident, any time you get behind the wheel, you are possibly going to cause an accident. If you are a great driver, then you might not cause one, but you could still be a participant in one.

If you are driving a car and the other party involved is a motorcycle, you are probably going to come out of it much safer than the rider, but you should still know what the laws are in your community or state regarding motorcycle accidents.

Fortunately, motorcycle accident laws are not that much different in most localities from car accident rules and regulations. Never flee the scene of an accident. Make sure that all people involved get the appropriate medical attention first and foremost. Exchange contact information with the other driver involved, and summon local law enforcement.

Contacting the local police is often a necessity for many reasons. In particularly heated cases, they might need to be there to be a buffer between two drivers who are angry at one another for the incident. In many cases, they need to be there to direct traffic, or just block one lane with their vehicle and its flashing lights that command respect and obedience of a community authority. In virtually all cases, they need to investigate and file a basic accident report, as very few if any insurance companies will pay out anything in terms of claims or compensation without this form included in the details.

On top of ensuring the health and wellness of everyone, as well as summoning police, and if necessary emergency medical services, know your local laws about whether or not accident scenes should be moved by those involved or law enforcement. Most of the time, things should be left as they are and police will decide when and how to clear the scene. Other times, like certain stretches of busy freeway, will have signs up saying to move fender benders to the curb.

Don’t rely on the police to do a full and thorough report. Make sure you get your own list of contacts, including the motorcycle riders, as well as any witnesses. Also never admit guilt, and follow any protocols your own insurance carrier app has built-in to your smartphone.